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The Schüring products:
Fitting systems and accessories

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The Schüring Specification

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Our added value, your benefits

Three good reasons why it is worthwhile for you to work with us:


  • Our unique complete program: Only We offer perfectly matched fitting systems for doors and windows and accessories!
  • Our practical products: Reduce costs through a quick and easy installation!
  • Our personal service: We are on site if you need assistance!

Schüring - Our system means your success! Schüring offers the perfect solution for every application. The individual products for doors and windows are ideally matched, thus offering a complete package for the window and door manufacturer. Tools and accessories for the production complete our product range.

Door technology

  • Door hinges
  • Door locks and multiple locking systems
  • Electric door openers and motor locks
  • Handle sets and pull handles
  • Thresholds
  • Profile cylinder
  • Door closers

Hardware systems

  • Tilt and turn fittings
  • Window handles
  • Sliding door fittings







  • Fasteners and window screws
  • Wall anchors
  • Mounting Hardware and cover caps
  • Tools
  • Adhesives and cleaners
  • Repair materials and coloured pens
  • Decorative ornamental moldings
  • Glazing blocks and glazing bridges
  • Corner connector
  • Water slot caps


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